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Monthly Rentals

We advertise on multiple platforms.
Guests can book on their favorite site.


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No Cost to Get Started

No Start-Up Fees
No Processing Fees


Call to get started

We'll chat about our systems & if it's a good fit, we'll send you a link to signup online and share our private owners-only phone number.


If you allow stays shorter than one month, we will need to install a digital lockbox that integrates with our system. You can buy from Home Depot and install it or have us install it.


Welcome sign

We'll install a welcome sign with helpful info (wi-fi, etc.) & a hanger for the keys, remotes, gate passes, etc. The sign also includes the cost to replace if they lose anything.

Optional Paid Advertising

We can syndicate your listing to multiple booking engines if you enroll in Optional Paid Advertising. Cost is $49 per month.

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Collect, file, pay taxes

We'll collect the tax from the guests. Then file & pay Sunbiz as required each month.

Check-in / Check-out

Our system coordinates check-in & check-out. So you don't have to. 

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Rinse & repeat

We coordinates with our team to clean, restock supplies, and make repairs, in a timely manner to keep the home on the market as much as humanly possible. 

Simple Pricing

1-2 properties enrolled

18% of rent collected

3-4 properties enrolled

16% of rent collected

5+ properties enrolled

14% of rent collected

Advertise your property as much or as little as you want

Block your own stays 

Choose your minimum length of of stay: 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, etc.


Owner Connect


24/7 access to your online portal.

Block the calendar! Reserve your stays online for no cost.


Enjoy direct deposit of net proceeds between the 10th & 15th.

Owner Statements are published the following day & stored online for you.

Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair


We charge a flat rate to the guest when they place the reservation. You can control this amount. We recommend it be a little more than the actual cleaning expense, to cover the occasional dirty-bird. 

Rent Ready Checklist

We have a checklist to make sure the property meets our standard of qualify

Property Reserve

Our system holds a minimum balance on your property of $500 to keep our trust account stays in balance, if a maintenance item needs attention after we issue monthly distributions and before rent is collected.

Licensed & insured contractors

Our vendor compliance system prevents our team from dispatching or paying a contractor who has expired insurance.


When it's more cost effective & if they're available, we use our own employees to perform maintenance. Current rates at $89/hr (Billed by the minute) for all time they spend including driving, purchasing, etc.

Project Coordinator

If a project requires more than just dispatch and invoicing, we have a project manager who can help keep things flowing. $120/hr (Billed by the minute) for anything time they spend.


Like a general contractor, Property managers markup the invoices from subcontractors. We've heard that many owners don't get a copy of the original receipt/invoice. They just get an invoice from the property manager. So, they have no idea how much the markup is.  We've seen other managers markup receipts by 25% or more. We only add a 5% markup to cover bookkeeping expense and we attach the receipt/invoice to the Owner Statement for transparency.

Recurring maintenance & utilities

We encourage owners keep the recurring services in their own name but if you prefer we can activate on our accounts. Coordinator rates apply.


Once you signup, you'll get a direct line to bypass the phone system 

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