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Nightly Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • STEP 1: Submit Request Form
    Submit the following form: Activate New Rental
  • STEP 2: Completed Maintenance Checklist
    Complete our Maintenance Checklist. You can DIY, hire a contractor, or hire us. Regardless of who does the work, before we advertise a property, the property must meet our Standard of Quality established in the checklist below: Checklist
  • Once the property is advertised...
    Click the Applicants tab and choose a category to see how we rent your home. Here are the links all applicants have access to. How To Apply How To Qualify How to Tour Security Deposits Vacancies
  • Appfolio Bookkeeping
    We outsource bookkeeping to a company that specialize in AppFolio Bookkeeping. They bill us $20 per unit, per month for the clicks built into the procedures and a little extra for 1099s. This cost is not billed to the property. Any custom bookkeeping or requests from an owner is billed to their property at $300/hour. That said, we avoid anything custom to reduce expenses billed to the property.
  • Distributions
    We typically issue Owner Distributions by Direct Deposit around the 20th of the month. That's not a guarantee. It's a goal that we typically achieve it. Why the 20th? Tenant receivables take 7-10 days to clear the bank. Issuing on the 20th give payments made on the 9th, time to clear. If there's an tenant NSF after we pay owners, the owner must login and make an Owner Contribution so there isn't a negative balance on the property in our trust account. Appfolio tracks everything on a per property basis. That's a waste of everyone's time so we go with the 20th.
  • Billing - Hourly rates for our employees
    Hourly rates are different based on the team member performing the service but the billing process is the same. TIME TRACKING Time is tracked in Work Orders using the AppFolio time clock. Appfolio prevents the timer from running on more than one Work Order at the same time. When a Work Order is marked as "Done", the Work Order appears on the Bookkeepers report for billing. BILLING FOR TIME When the bookkeeper clicks to create the bill, Appfolio multiplies the minutes logged, times the hourly rate for that team member. The bookkeeper doesn't do the math. Each bill contains the description of the work performed by the team member when they stopped the timer. Appfolio doesn't have spell-check, so please excuse spelling and grammar of the maintenance guys. We decided not to bill more time to the property to have a clerical employee spell check their notes.
  • Billing - Management Plan
    Appfolio bills the monthly cost for the Management Plan monthly until the property is 100% inactivated in AppFolio.​ Management Plan is subject to a $100 minimum Monthly Fee Compare Plans Inactivate
  • Billing - Material, etc.
    The maintenance team purchases the material to complete the Work Orders using their company credit card. They attach the receipt to the credit card transaction. The Processor forwards the receipt to the bookkeeper. The Bookkeeper creates the bills, applies a markup, & attaches the receipt to the bill which flows to the Owner Statement. If we need to return material, we issue a refund to your account. However, we do not refund the markup because that is billed to cover the cost of bookkeeping and that work was compelted.
  • Billing - Rent
    Rent due date: When a home has been rented rent is due either at the time the lease is signed or before the lease start date, whichever is sooner. After that, Appfolio bills rent on the first of every month. Tenants can pay with e-check, debit, credit or with cash using PayNearMe at a participating location. The humans in our organization are not authorized to accept payments of any kind. A 10% late fee is applied to all unpaid balances on the 5th at midnight. This fee is retained by Manager.
  • Billing - Subcontractor Invoices
    Subcontractors submit their invoices to the Maintenance Coordinator who dispatched them. If the Coordinator feels the invoice is a fair & accurate price for the work, they forward the invoice to the bookkeeper. The Bookkeeper creates the bill, applies a markup, & attaches the invoice to the bill, which flows to the Owner Statement. Please note: Larger contractors take more time to send invoices, so it's common to see bills for the Labor, Material & Coordination on the Owner Statement much sooner than the subcontractor's expense.
  • Monthly Owner statement 
    The Owner Statement is a simple list of all debits & credits, with receipts & invoices, per property, during a given time period. It's not a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, etc. If your CPA needs more, you'll need to get a bookkeeper. Owner statements are issued for all owners at once. It takes the same number of clicks to issue 1 statement as it does to issue 1000, so we do not issue individual statements outside the workflow.
  • Year-End: Annual Statements
    For owners on the Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans we create and publish an annual statement, so you have a single document to send to your CPA or bookkeeper. If your property is on the Bronze Plan, you can still get the data by downloading each monthly statement. Upgrade Plans Purchase an Annual Statement
  • Year-End: 1099
    Once December is reconciled and the year is "closed", the bookkeeping company publishes the following in the Documents tab in AppFolio: 1099 Annual Cashflow Statement You'll get an email when they are published. To view the statement, please click the button in the email or click the Documents tab in AppFolio. More info: 1099 & Cashflow Statement
  • FAQ
    Why have I not received my Owner Statement yet this month? ​We're not done with the bookkeeping. Once bookkeeping is complete for ALL PROPERTIES, we issue statements to ALL OWNERS in a single batch. Yes, one property can hold up the process for everyone. That's why we avoid doing anything custom.​ ​ Can you just issue my statement? Yes, but you won't like the cost of custom bookkeeping ($300/hour) for anything that is "outside of the system". Request Forms ​ More questions? If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, submit an Ask a Question Request Form, so all owners can benefit. Ask A Question ​ ​ ​
  • GOAL
    Goal The goal is to inactivate the property as quickly as possible with the least amount of expense billed to the property. ​ ​ Time Expense The Processor & Bookkeeper are responsible for all clicks listed below in the Inactivation Procedures, except Maintenance and the billing thereof. The property is not billed for the time the Processor & Bookkeeper spend performing the procedures below. Any other bookkeeping related time is billed at $300 per hour. Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for inquiries related to maintenance, and the billing thereof. Standard hourly rates apply. The Management Consultant is not involved in the Inactivation Procedures. Therefore, the property will not be billed for Management Consulting time, unless VillagesForRent receives correspondence from owner, attorney, the BBB, dept of real estate, etc. in which case as we bill hourly for all time spend responding to those complaints and inquiries. ​ ​ Monthly Plan Fees​ Management Fees are charged each and every month until the property is fully inactivated in AppFolio as described below.
  • STEP 1: Submit Request Form
    Owner will complete the Request Form below.​​​ Inactivate a Property
  • STEP 2: Cancel or Complete Work Orders & Pay Vendors
    Maintenance Coordinator will: Complete or cancel Work Orders. Coordinator will either have contractors or laborers complete Work Orders or cancel other Work Orders based on the type of work needed and the amount of work started/completed. Follow up on outstanding invoices from contractors. FYI. Many contractors don't send invoices for 30-60 days, so you may find bills on this statement for work competed a few months ago. Audit bills to confirm all recent maintenance labor, material & subcontracted work have been paid correctly. Answer owner questions about maintenance and the cost thereof. Call if needed (352) 218-0005. Standard Hourly Rates Apply​​​​
  • STEP 3: Move Out Tenant
    The tenant may or may not be physically moving out. This is part of inactivating a property in AppFolio. We must move-out the tenant to release the security deposit before we can inactivate the property. The Security Deposit will flow to the owner during the owner disbursement unless it must be used to pay for any fees due to Manager as outlined in this agreement, maintenance & repair, utilities, or any other expense billed to the property. Finalize the Move-Out in Appfolio. Hide the tenant. Attach a PDF of the current lease to Documents tab in the owners Appfolio account. We cannot email for privacy reasons. Text the code to the lockbox that is attached to the property and contains keys to the property. We do not have other copies.​​​
  • STEP 4: Distribution One
    Positive balance If there is a positive balance, after all fees & expenses billed to the property have been paid: We turn off Management Plan so that your subscription will not bill starting next month. A Journal Entry will be created in AppFolio to transfer the tenant's security deposit to the owner (less any outstanding bills due from owner or tenant). Issues an owner distribution for all funds remaining on the property, less the Property Reserve (Default amount is $500.00 unless owner requested a larger amount). The Property Reserve is held back to cover hourly expense in case the tenant, property owner, or any person or entity under the property owner's direction contacts us about the property. The Property Reserve cannot be reduced during Inactivation. The following day, the bookkeeper will publish an Owner Statement in Appfolio. Negative Balance If there is a negative balance, after all fees & expenses billed to the property have been paid: We are not able to turn off the Management Plan Subscription since there is still work to do on the property. The tenant's security deposit & the Property Reserve will be used to pay the Management Plan Subscription and any other expenses incurred by the property. If there is a negative balance after applying the Security Deposit & Property Reserve to the outstanding balance, the bookkeeper will: Issue an Owner Statement in AppFolio to itemize the debits & credits. Text a reminder to owner to sign into AppFolio to make an Owner Contribution. If not paid within 30 days: A Mechanics Lien will be filed by our Coordinator. Standard hourly rates apply. Owner will be submitted to Hunter Warfield Collections. The owner portal will be deleted.
  • STEP 5: Distribution Two
    After 60 days, if the property is truly inactive (meaning that the owner has had no activity on the property), we will notify the bookkeeper to issue the final distribution. The electronic payment can take a week or two based on bookkeeper availability.
  • Balance due
    If there is a negative balance on the property at any time, the owner is required to sign into AppFolio and make an owner contribution. If balance is not paid in full within 7 days: A lien will be filed on the property, The cost to file the lien will be charged to the property and, The account will be sent to collections.
  • Reactivation​
    If we are contacted for anything about the property after the Inactivation, the property must be reactivated, so we can document, respond to the request for action, and bill for the work. Billing will commence and the owner will be notified of the requirement to sign into AppFolio and make an owner contribution. Standard hourly rates apply.
  • STEP 1: Property Management Inspection
    Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans 3-4 months before the renewal, our Coordinator will visit the property to do a Property Management Inspection: Check tenant performance. Determine if a renewal will be offered based on tenant performance. Determine if there will be a rent increase or not.​​ ​Inspect the work that's been completed since the last PMI. Create new Work Orders is something else is observed. ​ ​Bronze Plan does not include Property Management Inspections. Click there to upgrade your plan... Request Forms
  • STEP 2: Owner Request Forms - Update Rent or Non-Renew (NEW)
    ​We will make decisions to keep the system working without your involvement but ultimately the decisions are yours to make, if you choose. The following request forms are applicable during a Lease Renewal... Renewal Rent We update Renewal Rent at Renewal, so the system can function without landlord involvement. However, you can override the decision anytime before the renewal is delivered to the tenant. The deadline to override 3 months before lease expiration or 1 week from the date the link to this page is texted to you, whichever is later. Request Form Non-Renew If you do not want us to offer a renewal, the deadline to tell us is 3 months before lease expiration or 1 week from the date the link to this page is texted to you, whichever is later. Request Form ​ Strategy Call If you have any questions about the process or the leasing aspects of the renewal, use this form and spend some of your annual Management Consultant time that comes with your Plan. Schedule a call
  • STEP 3: Send Renewal Offer to Tenant
    We typically deliver renewal offers to all performing tenants 3 months before their lease expiration. The deadline to sign (or submit a move-out notice) is 2 months before renewal. If unsigned, the tenant is billed a $100 Unsigned Lease Renewal Fee. We've learned that Tenants don't respect deadlines without penalties.
  • STEP 4: Countersign & process
    Once tenant signs the renewal we sign the lease and complete a checklist of tasks that keep the system flowing.
  • Unsigned by Lease Expiration
    ​If the tenant has not signed before their current lease expires: Rent changes to the amount listed in the renewal offer. The lease converts to Month-to-Month. A $100 Month to Month Fee is added. This fee is retained by manager. The $100 Unsigned Lease Renewal fee is charged each month until the tenant signed or submits a move out notice. This fee is retained by manager. Notice to vacate If the tenant is current on rent and taking good care of the property, we may just let it ride. If not, we may issue a notice to vacate & evict if they fail to vacate. Info used to decide include: Is tenant current on rent? Are renovations required if we have a turnover? How easy it will be to fill the vacancy? What is Market Rent vs. Current Rent?
  • FAQ
    Why are tenants required to sign annual lease renewal renewals? Each time tenant misbehaves, we revise our request forms, lease, website, etc. To prevent a recurrence, we want all tenants to adopt the current version at renewal. ​ ​​ Do I need to get involved? Our system handles everything, including the initial decision to increase Renewal Rent, or not. You can either sit back and let system work on autopilot or tell us what rent to offer by submitting this form: Request Form ​ ​​ How do you decide to increase rent or not? We typically increase rent by $100 for single-family ($50 for multi-family) unless: The tenant is already paying Market Rent. The home needs a major remodel, and the increase might result in a move-out. The home was difficult to rent during the last turnover. You submit a Request Form to update rent. Request Form ​​ If we raise rent, will they move out? We never know what tenants will do until they do it. If your home needs renovations and you don't have the funds set aside, you might not want to increase rent. Rent amount is completely up to you. ​ ​​ What happens if the tenant doesn't sign the renewal? To motivate tenants to sign their renewal, the lease agreement states: That the renewal offer is a notice of rent increase and The lease renews on a month-to-month basis, so we then have the authority to give them a 60-day notice to vacate, or increase rent again, if we choose. ​​ ​ Do we have to offer them a renewal? No. We can Non-Renewal a lease and send a Notice to Vacate 60+ days before the renewal. We are not required to provide the tenant with a reason. Our standard procedure is to offer every tenant a renewal unless they are dirty, causing damage, or make life difficult. You can also elect to non-renew. To do so, complete the following form and choose the option "NON-RENEW" in rent dropdown: Request Form ​ More questions? If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, submit an Ask a Question Request Form, so all owners can benefit. Ask A Question
  • Dispatch
    There no charge for dispatch when our Processor can click to assign the work orders to a handyman or contractor without the involving the Maintenance Coordinator. The majority of work orders are processed this quickly. For everything else, our Maintenance Coordinator must get involved and we bill by the hour for their time.
  • Handyman
    Read the details
  • Material & Markup
    Read the details
  • Maintenance Coordinator
    Hours & Rates Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm = $120/hour ​After hours & Holidays = $240/hour This is very rare and generally associated with an emergency. Billed by the minute with no round up. There is a $50 charge for the Service Call if driving is involved. Billable Hours All time spend by the Maintenance Coordinator is billable, including but not limited to bids, approvals, inspection, research, planning, dispatch, project management, driving, ordering, purchasing, delivery, quality control, bill review, work order review, phone calls, emails, calls & meetings with tenants, owners, contractors, adjusters, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, etc. for anything related to maintenance is billable.
  • Maintenance Limit
    To reduce the time expense billed to your property for Maintenance Coordination, we automatically authorize maintenance expenses up to the $500 without having our Maintenance Coordinator call you for approval. Our Maintenance Coordinator will call for authorization if the expense is expected to exceed these limits. Standard billing rates apply. Emergency These limits do not apply to emergencies but we will sill try to reach you. We have the authority but not the obligation to take immediate action on a case by case basis.
  • Subcontractors
    Some bill by the hour. Others bill flat amounts for service calls + parts & labor. A markup is added to all invoices completed by subcontractors.
  • FAQ
    More questions? If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, submit an Ask a Question Request Form, so all owners can benefit. Ask A Question
  • Forgot appfolio password?
    Click Forgot your password below the login button as seen above Check your email for the below Click the link "Change my password"
  • How to sign
    Check your email When we generate renewals in November, appfolio will email you a link to sign. Open the email account you use to sign into appfolio. Search for an email with the subject "Your management agreement is ready for signing". Click the (Page-wide) blue button that says "Sign Management Agreement" Sign in & you'll go straight to the renewal. Then have your partner/spouse do the same.
  • Not receiving the emails?
    Check your spam/junk folder. If you can't find the email, create a new login: Create an entirely new email address Request a new login at the bottom of this page: FYI. The page is located under the OWNERS tab.
  • Sign your own name
    Type your name to sign Type your name exactly as it appears under the signature line. If your info is incorrect, submit a contact info change request: Sign as yourself Do not type someone else's name in the signature field. If you do, we will need to cancel the agreement and resend. If cancelled, any co-owners who signed correctly will need to sign again. Sign as an officer or managing member If the property or properties are owned by an entity, the entity will be listed in the beginning of the document. Type your own name to sign. If you type your entity in the signature field, we will have to cancel the document and resend. Ownership Change If you transferred your property into an entity or to another owner, don't sign. Read the Ownership Change tab on this page. We have a checklist for all the items needed to process.
  • Why have annual renewals?
    We have one set of systems. As systems evolve, we need to keep all owners on the current plans.
  • Why have a deadline?
    Because we we have annual agreements and they must be signed before the previous term expires.
  • When's the deadline?
    The deadline to sign is December 31st.
  • $100 Unsigned Renewal Fee
    Because of the amount of time we spent following up on unsigned management plan renewals in 2023, there is a $100 monthly penalty for not signing the renewal on time. It's non-refundable. Please sign on time.
  • The power of information (Provided with Gold Plan)
    When you have a turnover, we email weekly Market Conditions Reports that contain info to help you decide when it's time to reduce the Advertised Rent on your vacancy. The reports include activity on all rentals we manage, not just your property! If one property is getting more action, than your property, then you can lower rent to be more competitive. Reports: Inquiries Rental Application Progress ​ If you are not on the Gold or Platinum Plans already, click to upgrade: Request Form ​
  • REPORT: Guest Card Inquiries
    This report shows how many Guest Cards (Contacts or inquiries) we received in the last 7 days from our website and other websites when Paid Advertising is activated. Each Guest Card is emailed the day received and a text the following business day. These touches push the prospect to our website to read how to qualify, tour and apply. ​ Upgrade to new plan to get these reports: Request Form
  • REPORT: Leasing System Report
    Report This report tracks the progress as applicants complete the leasing process. Watch the "Status" of the application. ​ STATUS: Keys out This means a prospective applicant is currently touring a property. Showing scheduled This means a pre-approved applicant has scheduled a private in-person showing. Not interested This means the prospect didn't like the property. Will apply We track showings/tours and follow up with prospective applicants who have viewed the properties to help them apply. Decision Pending Appfolio assigns this Status to all new applications. Waiting on proof of income This means we have reviewed the documents uploaded by the applicant and have requested additional proof of income. Background check "Pending" Occasionally, the background check is not instant. This can be caused by out-of-state activity or for criminal activity. We typically get the results in a few days but we've seen it take a week or so. Approved Applicant has been approved and we are waiting for them to request a lease. Out for signing A lease has been sent to the applicant. Countersigned All applicants in the property have signed & we are waiting for them to take possession of the property. - - - - - - - Parenthesis after a status indicate the # of follow up calls that have been placed to the individual.
  • FAQ
    More questions? If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, submit an Ask a Question Request Form, so all owners can benefit. Ask A Question
  • What to do if you sell or transfer a property to an entity
    If the tax ID has changed, we will need to create a new account in appfolio to as this affects the 1099. Follow these steps...
  • STEP 1: Request Form: Ownership Change
    Submit this Request Form:
  • STEP 2: Sign a new W9
    We created a DocuSign power form so it's on demand:
  • STEP 3: Sign new management agreement
    Once we get the info from Step 1 & 2, we will email you a new management agreement to sign. How to sign can be found i\on the MANAGEMENT RENEWAL tab.
  • STEP 4: Upload new proof of insurance
    Notify your insurance agent of the change in tax payor ID. Most insurance companies will want to cancel/rewrite the policies. Upload a certificate of insurance listing us as Additional Insured. NOTE: There is a $100 increase in cost for having us manage an "Uninsured Property".
  • FAQ - Tax Payor Change
    Can't you just change the tax payor name? If you filed a name change with the secretary of state and kept the same tax payor ID...yes. If your tax payor ID changed, then we need a new account in appfolio. Why go through the work? The 1099 must match Will I get two 1099's this year? That depends on the effective date on your request form. If you enter 1/1, we can have a fresh start. What if I changed entities earlier this year and forgot to let you know? That's no problem. We're happy to backdate to 1/1 as long as you submit the request to change tax payors prior to 11/30. What if I changed tax payors last year or before? Then you'll need to pay for time with our bookkeeper & management consultant to coordinate all this. It will not be cost effective. You'll want to just chose 1/1 of this year. Can I date the change for the future? Of course. We can set it up to change effective the first of next year. How do I inform you of that date? There's a field on the Request Form below. Is there a cost to change entities? There's no cost for the first change for any property. There's a $300 fee for second and subsequent changes.
  • Access to your property
    Use this link to schedule a time for our Maintenance Coordinator to meet you or your contractor, appraiser, adjuster, inspector, etc. at your property: Calendly
  • Additional Fees
    Additional Fees are charged to Tenants to enforce the terms of the lease agreement. Additional Fees are retained by as income to offset the additional work. Additional Fees are suppressed from the owner statement to simplify bookkeeping for owners. Security deposit funds are used to pay Additional Fees during move-out if the tenant fails to pay. This will reduce the total deposit transfer shown on the owner statement. Example: If the Tenant's rent / security deposit are each $1000 & there was a $100 late fee during their last month. $100 of the deposit would be automatically applied to that Additional Fee. Appfolio would post a $900 transaction for the security deposit transfer on the owner statement.
  • Anonymity - Change Mailing Address on Public Record
    Your mailing address is public record. You're welcome to use our mailing address, so a crazy tenant doesn't show up at your home! Tennessee Address Lookup DocuSign Form
  • Appfolio Notifications
    EMAIL Save as a trusted email address so you receive the emails from Appfolio. Example: Notification that you Owner Statement was published. TEXT Texting through Appfolio is our primary means of sending notices & reminders.​ Please remember that it's a no-reply text. We will not receive the text if you reply.
  • Balance due on account
    To attract and retain good contractors at fair prices, we pay on a weekly basis. Although there are always funds in our Trust account, it's not our money so we can't loan it out. If repairs at your property are expected to exceed the maintenance reserve, you'll need to login to make an owner contribution before we can dispatch the contractor. If you don't have the funds, request a short-term Renovation Loan.
  • Collections
    We do not perform the services of a collections company. If a tenant fails to pay, we will submit them to Hunter Warfield. They charge 40% of the amount recovered.
  • Direct Deposit (Bank Account Change)
    Change the bank account associated with your direct deposit using this: DocuSign
  • Emergencies
    Our phone system has an 24/7 option for emergencies.  We bill at double time for any emergency that requires our team drop what they are working on and respond. Examples:  Plumbing failure releasing a large amount of water in the living space, tree fall on the roof, vehicle collision with dwelling, HVAC or refrigerator failure, etc. Labor Rates
  • Equipment Rental
    CLIMATE CONTROL If an HVAC repair or replacement will take days, we install temp heating/cooling to keep the tenant happy while waiting for the HVAC contractor to make repairs. Equipment is rented by the week: - AC Unit: $125 - Heater:  $50 WATER RESTORATION We have an inventory of professional water restoration equipment and the skills to return the home to a "Dry Standard" in the event of an emergency. Equipment is rented by the per day: - Dehumidifier (XL):  $125 - Dehumidifier (Large):  $100 - HEPA 500 Filter:  $100 - Air mover:  $35 APPLIANCE If a replacement fridge can't be purchased within 24 hours, we install a small fridge so they can eat. Equipment is rented by the week: - Refrigerator: $150 LABOR NOT INCLUDED Hourly Rates
  • Functional Obsolescence
    Functional obsolescence is the reduction of an object's usefulness or desirability because of an outdated design feature that cannot be easily changed or updated.
  • Hourly Rates
    Everything related to maintenance is billed hourly. Anything related to management & bookkeeping that is not specifically stated in the systems is billed hourly. Learn move
  • Lawn & Landscape
    Single Family Tenants are required to maintain the lawn, flower beds, and hedges.  If they fail to maintain the landscaping, we will dispatch a contractor and bill the invoice to the tenant's account. Tenants handle small branches that fall. Landlords are responsible for large ones.  Multi Family Landlord is responsible for all things exterior.
  • Lease Agreements
    Executed lease agreements are stored in the tenant file in Appfolio. We do not provide a copy to the landlord.
  • Management Consulting
    What is Management Consulting? Our Management Consultant helps with: Strategies related to the buying & selling of rental properties Questions related to properties we manage, that are not addressed by the systems or related to maintenance, repair, bookkeeping: What's the cost? All time spent by the Management Consultant is billed at $300/hour (Billed by the minute), including but not limited to research, communication, documentation, delegation, coordination, etc. Some Plans include a limited amount of Consulting time per calendar year. Systems questions If you have questions about our systems, conserve our Consulting time by requesting a new FAQ or Request Form using the links below. The same forms can be used to ask for clarity on any topic. We love feedback and update the website weekly so all owners can benefit: Maintenance & repair questions You cannot spend your Management Consultant time on Maintenance, as our Consultant does not work in the Maintenance Department. Request a call from our Maintenance Coordinator for anything related to Maintenance & Repair, or the billing thereof. Bookkeeping questions Bookkeeping is outsourced to a company that specializes in property management. They bill us a flat amount per property for the bookkeeping click built into the system. The bookkeeper may address questions but they bill at $300 per hour for anything other than processing the clicks related to our system. Request a Consulting Call To use the time included with your plan, or to pay hourly, click to request a call: Upgrade Plans Upgrade Plans to get more time with our Consultant. Time is prorated when a change is made mid-calendar year.
  • Market Conditions Reports
    Market Conditions Reports contain current data about the local rental market. They help you decide when it's time to reduce Advertised Rent on your vacancy, which will reduce vacancy. The reports include activity on all rentals we manage, not just your property. Learn more
  • Material & Markup
    MARKUP ​A markup is added to all items purchased & invoices from contractors. The percent of the markup is based on the bill amount: MARKUP TIERS $0 to $250.00 = 25% $250.01 to $500.00 = 20% $500.01 to $1000.00 = 15% $1,000.01 to $1,500.00 = 10% $1,500.01+ = 5% HOME DEPOT We shop almost exclusively at Home Depot, unless we're making a large purchase, or picking up something quick near a property. This is because it's not cost effective for us to shop-around when we bill by the hour.​ ​ RETURNS When material is returned and refund is credited to the owner/tenant, the markup is not adjusted because that amount is charged to offset the bookkeeping which was completed during the purchase and again during the return. LABOR NOT INCLUDED The time needed to measure, order, purchase, pickup, deliver, install, etc. is not included in the cost of material. Hourly Rates
  • Move-Out Accounting
    If a tenant owes money during a move-out, the security deposit will be used to pay unpaid bills.  Labor, material, subcontractors, attorneys, additional fees, etc. are paid first. We are allowed 30 days to complete move out accounting. Once completed, all remaining funds (Less $500 reserve) will be applied to rent and released to the landlord. If the tenants fails to pay during their last month, it can be 30 days before the security deposit is captured.
  • No Insurance Fee
    We require contractors, tenants and owners carry insurance.  We've had a difficult time getting owners to provide their insurance coverage, so we now charge a $50 No Insurance Fee to create a sense of urgency. We text a reminder before the policy expires so there are no surprises. The fee begins charging at midnight on the expiration date of the insurance on file. The fee is non-refundable.  The only way to avoid this fee is to upload a certificate of insurance listing us as Additional Insured before the policy expiration date. However, it is a month-to-month fee so if you miss your renewal, you can correct it for next month.
  • Owner Contribution
    Sign into appfolio - Click MENU - Click TRANSACTIONS tab - Click the MAKE A CONTRIBUTION button Appfolio login
  • Owner Statements & Distributions
    TIMING Distributions are typically issued around the 19th of the month. Owner statements are issued the following day so it will capture the distribution. QUESTIONS Maintenance & maintenance expenses, request a call from our Maintenance Coordinator.  Rent and leasing related questions, schedule a call with our Management Consultant. ---------------------------------------------------- FAQs Why have I not received my Owner Statement yet this month? ​We're not done with the bookkeeping. Once bookkeeping is complete for ALL PROPERTIES, we issue statements to ALL OWNERS in a single batch. Yes, one property can hold up the process for everyone. That's why we avoid doing anything custom.​ ​ ​Can you just issue my statement? Yes but you won't like the cost of custom bookkeeping ($300/hour) for anything that is "outside of the system". Request an statement
  • ​Pet Policy
    We can fill vacancies faster when pets are allowed. We allow pets in all rentals we own. Read our Pet Policy If you want to change your settings, complete the Pet Policy Change Request: Request Form
  • Property Management Inspections
    Some of our Management Plans include Property Management Inspections. We make a special trip to the property and confirm the tenant is properly caring for the home. Being present regularly can help prevent things like smoking indoors, illegal activity, destructive activity, etc. or at least catch them early to minimize damage. Compare Plans Upgrade Plans
  • Rekey During Move-in / Move-Out
    For security reasons, we rekey the house during each move-in & move-out. When you have Kwikset Smart Locks, we cut the keys in bulk, so the material is free. We bill for 15 minutes of labor for the work. If your property does not have Kwikset Smart Locks, we will automatically remove and replace the locks during the next Turnover.  The material is around $60-$75 per door, plus 1-2 hours of total labor for the property. The first turnover will cost a more than a locksmith but it'll be far less and quicker in the future. Hourly Rates
  • Shared Documents
    We rarely use this feature. If we receive a document that we need to send you, we will attach it to the Shared Documents tab in appfolio. You'll get an email notice to login and view/download.
  • Utilities
    The lease agreement requires tenants pay for all utilities We provide them links to the local utility companies. If the utilities are turned off mid-lease, we activate, bill the tenant for the utilities + a lease violation fee + $20 billing fee + plus the hourly rates of the team member that met the utility company.
  • Washer/Dryer
    A washer/dryer set adds 50% more appliances to maintain. If you home came with a set, we recommend donating them or having our maintenance team push them out in the street. Someone will pick them up for scrap metal or to be sake. This will prevent appliance repair expense. If a tenant leaves them behind, we automatically remove them.
  • Work Orders
    Appfolio has a feature called Work Orders which are a digital record of a task. All tasks are tracked in Work Orders, even non-maintenance. There's a timer in the Work Order so each team member performing the work can log the time spent. ​ Work Orders can be created: When Tenants request maintenance. Recurring at pre-programmed intervals. During Events like Move-In, Move-Out, etc. Manually when we find things that need human attention. ​ Receipts, invoices, documents, before & after pics, etc. are attached to the Work Order. ​ All bookkeeping entered and tracked in the Work Order. ​ Work Orders have a Status that we use in reports to track the progress of Work Orders. New Assigned Estimated Scheduled Work Done Completed Hourly Rates Material & Markup
  • FAQ
    More questions? If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, submit an Ask a Question Request Form, so all owners can benefit. Ask A Question
  • General
    MAINTENANCE VS RENOVATIONS We consider improvements to properties such as painting, flooring, water restoration, etc. as renovations which are processed differently than Maintenance. ​ ​ CHOICE OF CONTRACTORS You are not required to use us, or our contractors, and we are not required to get involved in the work. We recommend you hire a general contractor to be in charge of the project. If you hire your own contractor, you can also hire our Maintenance Coordinator to assist with tenant communications, inspections, etc. Standard hourly rates apply. If you want to use the contractors we use, you must understand and agree that Manager is not responsible for the contractor's quality of work, or if the contractor abandons the project. Unfortunately, contractors come and go, occasionally in the middle of a project. ​ ​ NOT INCLUDED IN BID Project management Material & Markup ​ ​ Pricing below is subject to change based on material cost, availability of labor/subcontractors, and other expenses.
  • Limited Fixed Pricing
    GENERAL Type of work can be priced per square foot (sqft) are listed below. Everything else must be bid by our Maintenance Coordinator. Standard hourly rates apply. ​ ​ ​ PAINTING This is based on the square footage of your home if you are having your entire home painted. Walls only including basic prep = $0.90/sqft Walls, trim, doors, optional ceiling including basic = $1.50/sqft + $0.15/sqft more for 1 coat of tinted primer + more if the tenant is extra dirty. Above prices include markup. Material not included. Minor nail hole repairs included. Major cleaning, prep & drywall work not included. ​ ​ ​ FLOORING Luxury vinyl plank & quarter round install = $2.00/sqft We do not install ceramic tile. We use Luxury vinyl tile, so the rates are the same as above. + Flooring prep is a separate cost & based on the job because it's never the same. Above prices include markup. Material not included. Dumpster, demo & floor prep not included. ​ ​ ​ IMPORTANT Subject to availability of labor & material. Last minute or rushed jobs cost more. ​ ​
  • Project Management
    All time spend by the Maintenance Coordinator is billable, including but not limited to bids, approvals, inspection, research, planning, dispatch, project management, driving, ordering, purchasing, delivery, quality control, bill review, work order review, phone calls, emails, calls & meetings with tenants, owners, contractors, adjusters, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, etc. for anything related to maintenance is billable. Hourly rates
  • Renovation Loan
    Manager commits to paying contracts immediately upon completion work, therefore Owner must pay for the work in advance so we can stay on that timeline. If you can't afford to pay and need a loan, we have a loan program. Request Form
  • Notify Owner
    I got a text. What's up? At the time this link was texted, the tenant has not paid in full, so the eviction procedure were initiated. ​​ ​ Will they actually be evicted? Most tenants pay before the court date and the case dropped. This entire process takes a couple months, so we are prompt to file when there's a delinquency. ​​​ ​ Do I need to get involved? Not yet. This is just an FYI. We send this early because we might not collect rent for a while. The only thing you need to do is watch your Owner Statement and login to make an Owner Contribution if your Statement has a negative balance. Remember, that Management Plan Fees and all other expenses are still due during an eviction. ​​ ​ What does an Eviction cost & who pays? The fees are broken down at the bottom of this page. Everything associated with the eviction is tenant billed. Like all tenant billed expenses, they are initially billed to the property and then reimbursed if we recover funds from the tenant. ​​ ​ Can we use the security deposit to pay for this? The security deposit will ultimately be used to cover expenses but not until the move-out has been processed. Move-Outs are finalized after we get possession and create all bills for maintenance, repairs, and fees.
  • 5th at midnight: Late Fees
    10% Late Fee is applied to all unpaid balances on the 5th of the month at midnight. Late fees are non-refundable and retained by Manager. Are deducted from the security deposit if unpaid pay tenant.
  • 1st of the month: Rent Due
    Rent is due on the 1st of the month for all tenants, regardless of when their lease begins.
  • 10th at midnight: Eviction Processing
    The Eviction Process is initialed at midnight on the 10th of the month. A $300 Eviction Processing Fee is billed to the property and will be credited to the property if the tenant pays. 
  • 14th: Attorney Retained
    If unpaid by the 13th at midnight, the system forwards the case to the Eviction Attorney. Attorney Fee is billed to the property and will be credited to the property if the tenant pays. Madison County: $250 retainer $175-$225 court fees Gibson County: $400 retainer Court fees vary
  • The following Monday: Court Filing
    The attorney will soon file documents at the court. They take several weeks to bill us for the court fees but they are payable once the documents are filed, even if the case is dropped.
  • 1-2 months: Court Date
    JUDGEMENT TYPE There are two types of judgements: If we are able to serve the individual, we have the option to go after a financial judgement. If not, we can only get judgement for possession. The collections company rarely recovers funds from a tenant so a financial judgement probably will not help. In our experience, it's best to just get them out as fast as possible. A financial judgement can take a month or two longer for the trial. When we only file for a judgement of possession, they are typically awarded on the first court appearance, unless we allow the tenant a little more time to pay. If the tenant is served, we will automatically go for the financial judgement unless you submit a Request Form to tell approve a possession judgement only. PAID OR NOT BY COURT DATE If paid in full by the court date, the case will be "non-suited" & the tenant will not be required to vacate. If unpaid by the court date, the attorney will appear in court on our behalf. If uncontested or if we only go after possession of the property, we will be awarded possession of the property. If the tenant contests, we may go after possession only and postpone the financial judgement for a later date.
  • 1-2 more months: Trial for a financial judgement
    If the tenant contests the financial portion, a trial date will be set for the next available date. That's typically a few weeks but can be longer based on the case load and especially during the holiday season when the judges take time off. Trial Appearance Fee We will appear in court for the trial and the $500 Trial Fee will be billed to the property. Attorney Continuance Fee If we give the tenant more time to pay and the court date is rescheduled, the attorney charges another fee for the "continuance": Madison County: $50 per Gibson County: $100 per
  • 1-2 weeks: Writ of Possession
    If the tenant has not vacated within 10 days of the judgement date, the attorney will file for a writ of possession. That takes about a week to receive. It then allows us to appear at the property with the sheriff and: Physically remove the tenant and, Have laborers more the tenants personal belongings to the front lawn, where they will remain for 72 hours before being hauled off to the dumps.
  • FAQ
    More questions? Submit an Add FAQ Request Form, and we'll add your question so all owners can benefit. Request Forms
  • STEP 1: Move-Out Notice
    The tenant submits a Move-Out Notice based on the type of lease they have (Annual or Month-to-Month). There's also an option if they need to move before their annual lease expires but will cost them an Additional Fee, plus they are required to pay rent until a replacement tenant begins paying, so we don't see many of these. The tenant is reminded that they must return the home in Rent Ready condition.
  • STEP 2: Turnover Questionnaire - [NEW]
    This is a new part of the procedures that's in beta testing now. We'll text the owner a link to this page so you can decide if you want to make changes to your property settings during this turnover: ​ ​ Additional Lease Info We programmed a custom field in appfolio to push data into the lease agreement on a per property basis. Now you can add property specific info to the lease for one or all your properties. Request Form ​ Advertised Rent We update Advertised Rent during a turnover, so the system can function without landlord involvement. However, you can override the decision anytime before an application is submitted. Request Form ​ Alarm System During Vacancy Installing a SimpliSafe alarm system during this turnover can reduce or prevent theft and property damage. If you complete the form below, we will install an alarm system after the current tenant vacates and uninstall before the new tenant moves in. There are no guarantees, your property may still have theft or property damage and you agree that is not responsible anything that happens. Request Form ​ Paid Advertising There's a cost to syndicate to the 40+ websites we advertise on. For example, Zillow charges us almost $70 a month per home. A limited amount of Paid Advertising is included with some Management Plans. Compare Plans to see what your plan includes and upgrade to get more time. Your plan type can be found in the address on the your most recent Owner Statement. Request Form ​ Pet Policy Many good tenants have pets but have trouble renting homes because many landlords do not allow pets. If you allow pets, you'll tap into a larger tenant base. Plus, you'll collect Pet Rent. Request Form ​ Property Reserve Except in the event of emergency, by default our Maintenance Coordinator is not allowed to dispatch workers if the repair cost will exceed $500. They must for you for approval. That time is billed at the Coordinator hourly rates. You can avoid that time expense by increasing the Property Reserve: Request Form ​ Rent Concession Our system requires tenants begin paying rent immediately when they want to rent a vacant home, even if they don't plan to move in immediately. That works when supply is low & demand is high. When vacancy is high, tenants will wait to sign a lease until right before they are ready to move. If they wait, we might lose the opportunity. To avoid this, you can offer a rent concession. This is a one-time credit that will reduce the amount a tenant needs to pay to move-in. To document this event, we bill for the entire amount due, and enter a Rent Concession as a negative amount. ​Request Form Request upgrades Tenants are willing to pay for more a home that has a fresh coat of paint or new flooring. Request Form
  • STEP 3: Advertising
    30 days before the move-out date: The vacancy is posted on our website for all plans. Premium Advertising is activated for properties on the Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans. Compare plans: Plans Upgrade plans: Request Forms Check status of your rental: Vacancies Reduce Advertised Rent: Request Forms
  • STEP 4: Market Conditions Reports - [NEW]
    This is a new benefit of being on the Gold or Platinum Plans. We built a system that shares how many inquiries, showings, & applications we've received in the last 7 days for all properties we manage. Knowing this info can help you decide if you want to lower rent or let it ride another week. Learn More
  • STEP 5: Rent Ready Inspection
    We schedule a Rent Ready Inspection 7 days before the Move-Out Inspection. The goal is to coach tenants on their responsibilities to prevent or reduce repairs and penalties billed to their account during their move-out. We just want the property back in Rent Ready condition so we can present it to the next tenant the following day without high cost and stress of last minute work.
  • STEP 6: Move-Out Inspection
    This is where we check to make sure the tenant completed their checklist. If not, we dispatch folks to do the work and bill it to their account. Hopefully, nothing will prevent the next tenant from moving in.
  • FAQ
    What's a Turnover? A Turnover is when the current Tenant(s) move out and new Tenants moves in. Our Turnover Procedures make for a smooth transition. ​​ ​ Do I need to get involved? You (Property Owner) only need to update Advertised Rent on our Request Forms page if you don't agree with our initial decision. We'll take care of everything else. ​​ ​ What's the difference between Market Rent & Advertised Rent? Market Rent is an amount that a willing and able applicant commits to pay when they sign a lease. Advertised Rent is the amount posted on: vacancies ​ ​​ What Advertised Rent do we start with? We typically set Advertised Rent at $100 to $200 more than Market Rent because sometimes people pay it! Then, based on your investment philosophy, you can reduce Advertised Rent as needed with just a few clicks on: Request Forms ​ ​​ When should I reduce rent? Some landlords like to advertise high and wait, knowing there will be vacancy expense. Others advertise a lower amount with hopes to avoid vacancy. Allowing you to control your rent online makes this a custom experience. Caution: Don't go too low because that attracts the worst tenants. ​ ​ Vacancy Expense Consider the following when updating Advertised Rent: Management Plan Paid Advertising Mortgage Utilities Lawn service If your property has a negative balance on the Owner Statement, please log into Appfolio and make an Owner Contribution to keep our Trust Account in compliance. ​ How do I know if my property has been rented? Gold & Platinum: You'll get weekly Market Conditions Report Bronze, Silver & Discontinued Plans: Search: Vacancies​ ​​ ​Website Advertising vs Paid Premium Advertising? There are two types of advertising: Website (Free) & Paid Premium. Some Management Plans include a limited amount of Paid Premium advertising. Read the details in the section below. ​ ​​ Do you negotiations with Applicants? No. We do not negotiate. If an Applicant is not willing to pay the Advertised Rent, they can wait to see if the rent is reduced at some point. If they really want the home, they don't want to risk losing the home so they take action immediately. We may text you request to offer a Rent Concession. ​​ ​ Can we make upgrades during this turnover? Yes, but you'll need to take action now to get the best rates and minimize vacancy. Important: Your property can't carry a negative balance during the remodel so plan to make an Owner Contribution to cover Management Plan fees, utility expenses, lawn service, etc. while the home is vacant. We do not advertise homes that are being renovated because we have found that attracts the worst tenants. Learn More
  • Self Guided Tours
    If a replacement tenant has not signed a lease by the time current tenant vacates and the home is Rent Ready, we: Rekey the locks. Install the For-Rent sign. Notify all tenants on the Waiting List that the home is ready for self-guided tours. Then when applicants call we copy their ID and give them the keys to tour the property. If the property has a SimpliSafe alarm we disarm
  • Application Phase
    This can happen during or after any of the above phases. Pre-approved applicants are eligible for private in-person or video-call tours up to 30 days before the current tenant moves out. How to Qualify
  • Leasing Phase
    We teach tenants how how to care for the home. This either creates a good tenant or scares away the bad tenants before they move-in.
  • Move-In Phase
    Our Coordinator meets the new tenant at the home with two objectives: We complete a video inspection to document the current condition of the property. Review the checklist with them to set expectations on how they must care for the home. if not, we will to the work and bill them.
  • Welcome Letter
    Then a week later we send a link to review how to care for the home and a variety of other topics to make them a better tenant. This just reinforces everything we have already told them.
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