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Platinum Plan

Plan Benefits

Includes everything in the Bronze, Silver, & Gold Plans, plus all the following:



Eviction Protection 

We pay attorney fees and court costs associated with an uncontested eviction. Only available for tenants that have undergone our screening process. We do not pay for loss of rent, utilities, etc.

Property Management Inspection

We look for maintenance issues and tenant issues like criminal activity, smoking indoors, ghost tenants, and other lease violations. There's no guarantee we'll catch everything because some issues don't surface until it's too late, but these inspections have saved us tens of thousands on our own portfolio. This plan includes 4 inspections per year. More info:

Paid Advertising

Advertising companies charge us to advertise on other websites. Zillow alone charges almost $70 per month, per home/unit listed. To offset, we charge $3/day for Premium Advertising. This syndicates your listing to 50+ websites, including Zillow. This plan includes 3 months of Paid Advertising. More info:

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