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Bronze Plan

Plan Benefits




Advertising on our websites

Unlimited advertising of vacancies on:



Did you know anyone can look up your name and mailing address on the property tax assessor website.  We automatically update your mailing address to our mailing address for your protection.  It's not fun having a tenant show up at your door!

Background checks

​We pull credit, criminal, and eviction backgrounds on all adults aged 18 and over.

Direct Deposit of Rent

Direct deposit of rent and usually by the 20th of the month.


Great tenants aren't born. They are created. Our lease Coordinator spends 1-2 hours on the phone educating each new tenant on how to properly care, request maintenance, etc.


Our attorney reviewed lease address nearly a decade of lessons learned managing properties so we're almost always in a position of strength.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statement produced between the 10 and the 20th of the month listing all debits and credits that occurred during the previous period and the receipts/invoices for labor & material.

Move-In Coordination

We meet every new tenant at the property, complete a detailed checklist, a full video inspection, and itemize the additional items that come with the property before giving them the keys.

Online Access for Owner & Tenant

Secure login with Two-Factor Authentication including owner statement and document storage, and more.

Rent Ready Inspections

The goal of the Rent Ready Inspection is to minimize vacancy during turnover. 7 days before the move-out inspection, we meet with the tenants to coach them on what other work they are responsible for and identify repairs that need to be addressed before they move-out. This reduces headaches & expenses.


Rekey locks between tenants

Maintenance team will rekey Kwikset Smart Locks after every move-in & move-out for a flat 15 minutes of labor based on the hourly rate of the individual who does the work. No charge for the cost of the 4 keys.


Self-Guided Showings

Applicants meet our Key Coordinator to get the keys. A valid ID is required. We track all this info and share it with Gold Plan Owners on the Market Conditions Reports

Virtual Tours

We post video tours in the rental ads of every property once they are in "Move-In Condition".​​

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