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Tenant Finder

We advertise vacancies on 50+ websites 


No Cost to Get Started

No Start-Up Fees
No Processing Fees


Call to get started

We'll chat about our systems & if it's a good fit, we'll send you a link to signup online and share our private owners-only phone number.


If the home is vacant, we'll:

  • Purchase and install a fixed lockbox on the garage door frame near the keypad.

  • Take marketing pics, marketing video

  • If you don't already have them, we'll install Kwikset smart locks to avoid the locksmith expense during turnovers.

Screenshot 2024-03-27 165801.png
Screenshot 2024-03-27 165236.jpg

Current tenant?

If you already have a tenant, we'll:

  • Install the lockbox.

  • Help the tenant login so they can pay rent & request maintenance in our system.


Our system syndicates to 50+ websites so you'll get the maximum exposure. Our website will have HD pics and videos as well.


Tenant Screening

We review income and pull credit, criminal, & eviction background checks.

Underwriting criteria

Move-in inspections

Good tenants aren't born. They are created. After filming a 10-20 minute HD video inspection, we we teach each new tenants how to properly care for the building materials in this particular home & explain that we don't want to bill them for damage but we are required to if they cause problems.



We inspect the home 4 months prior to lease expiration to determine:

  • If we should offer a renewal should based on how the tenant has cared for the home.

  • If we should increase rent or not. 


We text you our decision with a link where you can override our decision with just a few clicks.


We send the renewal lease to the tenant 3 months before expiration and they have 30 days to sign or we take other action.


A similar process occurs when we receive a move-out notice.

  • We'll text you notice of the turnover with a link to update rent, pet policy, etc.

  • We meet the tenant at the property to coach them on how clean and make repairs. 

  • Then after the move-out inspection, we dispatch to have everything completed that they failed to accomplish. Cost is billed to the tenant.

  • Then we repeat the entire marketing, screening, and other processes. 


Management Plans


  • Direct Deposit of Rent

  • Tenant Education

  • Lease

  • Move-In Coordination

  • ​Online Access for Owner & Tenant


In addition to everything in the Bronze Plan, you get: 


In addition to everything in the Bronze & Silver Plan, you get: 

  • Paid Advertising: 1 more month (2 total). Additional time billed at $3 per day.


In addition to everything in the Bronze, Silver, & Gold Plans, you get: 

  • Paid Advertising: 1 more month included (3 total). Additional time billed at $3 per day.


Owner Connect


We direct deposit your net proceeds between the 10th & 20th. The following day, we publish an owner statement in your online portal that contains all debits, credit, receipts, & invoices for the time period.


Rent Ready Checklist

We have a checklist to make sure the property meets our standard of qualify

Property Reserve

Our system holds a minimum balance on your property of $500 to keep our trust account stays in balance, if a maintenance item needs attention after we issue monthly distributions and before rent is collected.

Licensed & insured contractors

We have a vendor compliance system that prevents our team from dispatching or paying a contractor who has expired insurance.


When it's more cost effective and available, our employees will perform the maintenance. Current rates at $89/hr, billed by the minute for all time they spend including driving, purchasing, etc.

Project Coordinator

If a project requires more than just dispatch and invoicing, we have a project manager who can help keep things flowing. $120/hr (Billed by the minute) for anything time they spend.


Like a general contractor, Property managers markup the invoices from subcontractors. We've heard that many owners don't get a copy of the original receipt/invoice. They just get an invoice from the property manager. So, they have no idea how much the markup is.  We've seen other managers markup receipts by 25% or more. We only add a 5% markup to cover bookkeeping expense and we attach the receipt/invoice to the Owner Statement for transparency.

Recurring maintenance & utilities

We encourage owners keep the recurring services in their own name but if you prefer we can activate on our accounts. Coordinator rates apply.


Once you signup, you'll get a direct line to bypass the phone system 

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